The ACFA and its long-time partner, Canadian Parents for French Alberta & NWT, are pleased to announce the relaunch of the ACCENT project. The directory had been put on temporary hiatus during the pandemic pending confirmation of its funding. The ACCENT project has been renewed for a period of three years, thanks to the financial support of Alberta Education. 

In this sense, the ACFA proceeded with the hire of Anny Ntwari as coordinator of the ACCENT project. Her first task will be to update the directory in order to better serve school communities offering French first language, French immersion or French second language programs, as well as service providers ! Service providers are now invited to go directly to the ACCENT website to register or update their services for free. Teachers will have the opportunity to get to know her and (re)discover the ACCENT repertoire as she will attend various teacher conventions in the coming weeks, including the North Central Teachers’s Convention Association (NCTCA) in Edmonton, February 10 and 11 2023, the Palliser District Teachers Convention Association (PDTCA) in Calgary, February 23 and 24 2023, as well as the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association (GETCA) in Edmonton on March 2 and 3 2023.

« We are happy to be able to help expand the francophone space for Alberta students who are transmitting French. Since 2006, the bilingual directory is very popular because it brings together in one place hundreds of recreational cultural and educational activities and resources, allowing school communities to diversify the experience offered in French to their students. This year, we are going to re-establish communication with the various organizations and institutions, always with a view to increasing the influence of the French language and encouraging its learning » explains the president of the ACFA, Mr. Pierre Asselin.

« CPF is very pleased to continue this long-term partnership with ACFA, but – more importantly – the renewal of the funding for Projet ACCENT. This returns an important tool into the educational toolbox that French second language teachers can use to provide opportunities for our students to learn and use French.  The access to the sociocultural activities and events promoted on ACCENT, highlights the commitment and mutual respect that both our communities have towards each other’s language and culture and shows that linguistic duality does form an integral part of our society » adds the President of CPF Alberta, Mme Emma Piayda.

In addition to visiting the website, teachers, parents, school councils, early child educators, services providers and all school stakeholders are encouraged to follow ACCENT on Twitter and Facebook (@accentalberta), as well as to stay on the lookout for news by subscribing to the « What’s New ? » newsletter

Since 1926, the ACFA has been the spokes organization for Alberta’s Francophonie. Its role is to promote the Francophone community’s interests and to ensure its overall development.