Alberta’s Francophonie is a pluralistic and inclusive community in which all Albertans can recognize themselves and thrive in French.



The ACFA unites the society’s vital forces to protect acquired rights, advance rights and increase the vitality of the Alberta francophone’s community.

Strengthened by the mandate and the trust given by the Francophone community, the ACFA:

  • Actively promotes the Francophone community’s vision
  • Brings together, coordinates, mobilizes, supports, and inspires the vital forces of the community
  • Ensures the protection of the acquired rights and the advancement of all Franco-Albertans’ linguistic rights
  • Is the political spoke organization concerning the issues impacting the Alberta’s francophone community


The following values guide the ACFA in the decision making and the course of actions:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellency
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration


By Francophone, the ACFA means anyone who speaks French.

By Alberta’s Francophonie, the ACFA encompasses all the Francophone populations of Alberta in their diversity.


The direct clientele of the ACFA is composed of Regional ACFAs and local circles, organizations and institutions that directly serve the Francophone communities and citizens of Alberta.

The privileged collaborators of the ACFA are other common interest groups that can contribute to the success of the Alberta Francophonie, including organizations and initiatives promoting the advancement of French in Alberta.

Ultimately, the other clientele benefiting from ACFA’s intervention are the Francophone communities and the citizens of Alberta whose well-being must always remain, at the center of the development of partnerships, programs, services, initiatives, and mandates.


The mandate of the ACFA is as follows:

  • Represent the francophone populations of Alberta
  • Promote the physical, intellectual, economic, cultural, and social well-being of the Francophones in Alberta
  • Encourage, facilitate, and promote French learning and appreciation of the Alberta’s Francophonie
  • Create opportunities for Francophones in Alberta to gather
  • Ensure communication with Francophones in Alberta
  • Maintain convivial and constructive relations with all instances of the Canadian Francophonie and Albertan society
  • Pursue the inclusion of Francophones of all origins in Alberta within a plural Francophone space
  • Actively fight against all forms of discrimination and oppression within the Alberta’s Francophonie
  • Be the spokesperson for its members and the entire Franco-Albertan community
  • Delegate leaders and representatives of specific clienteles in certain sectors of development under certain conditions
  • Be responsible for coordinating advocacy and community development actions in collaboration with the Francophone organization in Alberta and for monitoring them
  • Be responsible for ensuring the development of community by:
    • Leading certain areas where the initiatives have not been taken at the provincial level by organized groups
    • Supporting clusters working in specific areas of intervention
    • Helping and support to regional initiatives
  • See to the unity and cohesion of its members
  • Be responsible for the concerted action by Francophone organizations throughout the province of Alberta as well as for all community development planning by ensuring the operation of the priority setting, consultation, coordination, and evaluation mechanism for the Franco-Albertan community
  • Be responsible for promoting pride and French-speaking culture on the whole territory of Alberta in collaboration with Francophone organizations in the province, and for projecting a positive image of Alberta Francophonie throughout all Alberta communities.

2022-2023 Priorities of the ACFA Provincial Board

1) Pursue steps to modernize the Official Languages Act

2) Contribute to the steps that will lead to the next Action Plan on Official Languages

3) Propose a new demographic portrait of Francophones in Alberta, following the release of data from 2021 census

1) Continue implementing the Francophonie Policy and contribute to its review

2) Position the Alberta’s Francophonie for the upcoming provincial elections

1) Renew and sign community agreements

2) Pursue efforts to support French-language postsecondary education in Alberta

3) Continue consultation and support for issues related to early childhood and K012 education.

4) Pursue initiatives in Francophone immigration and inclusion

5) Engage and support the Alberta’s Francophonie in the reconciliation with First Nations and Métis

6) Consults and coordinate, where possible, the social services sector

7) Get involved in the creation of an urban national park in Edmonton, if necessary.

1) Revise the governance structure of the ACFA.

2) Continue drafting and revising internal documents

3) Revise the ACFA membership platform, website, and branding

4) Hold meetings to modernize the current service deployment structure (Regional ACFAs) across the province

5) Begin preparations for the centenary of the ACFA in 2026