EDMONTON, APRIL 5, 2019 – The ACFA presents the advocacy platform of francophone communities in Alberta to raise the awareness of political groups on matters of importance to Francophones in the provincial election on April 16.

“Now is the time for aspiring political parties to lead the province. Alberta has a strong French-speaking population and linguistic duality, with several matters that require special attention. It is therefore essential for the different political groups to take a stand and disclose their intentions regarding the future of Francophonie in Alberta.” declared Mr. Marc Arnal, president of the ACFA.

The platform includes several claims with specific needs for Francophones and Francophiles in Alberta, in education, health care, French language services, arts and culture or justice. These recommendations were developed with members of the community and leaders.

“I call on political groups to consider the important claims presented by the francophone community in Alberta, because there is still much work to be done. At the same time, I also invite the population to take ownership of this platform and talk about it with their local candidates.” said Mr. Arnal.

The advocacy platform has been sent to all of the political parties. It is also available at the following link.

ACFA has been the representative of the francophone community in Alberta since 1926. Its role is to promote the interests of this community and ensure its overall development.